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" It is sonically one of the best records in circulation this year. [...]I can imagine this record live, the minimal lit stage a thousand heads moving in unison caught up in swathes of emotion. If the likes of Neurosis, Isis and Cult of Luna are your thing add this to the must buy list immediately, give it a listen, you will not be disappointed."

Based in Luxembourg, Europe
Founded in 1997 - line up change in 2006
Genre: #Post-Metal #Shoegazing #Progressive
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Yann Dalscheid - Vocals
Gilles Heinisch - Guitar & Samples
Boris Schiertz - Guitar
Raphael de la Croix - Guitar
Pol Lies - Bass
Thierry Didelot - Drums

What began as a grunge quartet in Luxembourg/Europe in 1997, evolved over the years (and a slight line-up change of the rhythm section in 2005) to a reference in their region as a ferocious sounding post-rock, post-apocalyptic, metal-ish, even doom-ish band, that manages to reinvent itself constantly. From concept albums to concept shows, including special headphone live shows with video projection, or live art performances…. And in November 2016, they announced again a big change as they hired a lead singer, in the person of Yann Dalscheid (former lead vocalist of “An Apple A Day”). In 2022 long time drummer Nelson Curado quit the band and was replaced by Thierry Didelot (former bassist of T.M.U.F.H.). Raphael de la Croix joined the band as 3rd guitarist.

Several tours around Europe, 7 full length albums confirm their dedication to their music.

Their music may not be easily accessible to everyone but who can lie back, can let the music work und is not caught in the simplicity of the mainstream, discovers a new world - the sound galaxy of the Kitshickers.

Management & Booking:
Gilles Heinisch
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